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Nov. 13th, 2007


new plans

The road trip side of things has changed a little bit since driving in Italy was a scary prospect and so was all the parking we'd have to pay for. So we're flying into Venice now, and then training around Italy. From Venice to Rome, Down to Sorrento, up to Florence and then to Nice. We've got 5 Days in Nice and then we fly to Munich. Going to rent a car there, hopefully a mercedes, and then drive through the Black Forest, staying in Heidelberg and Friberg. Then it's 2 nights in Innsbruck before flying to Paris. I can not wait to see these beautiful cities! We're almost finished booking all the accommodation too, just two hotels left.

Sep. 2nd, 2007

yellow care bear

(no subject)

Today it is very obvious I've lost a bunch of weight. I really need to buy new jeans but can't find any I like. I got a very nice hair cut today. So much better than the last one.

Egypt tour has been booked and half paid for. Tokyo accomodation has been booked. Just hiroshima to worry about there. Not sure weather to fly or train, whatever is cheapest I guess. Now we're just starting to organise the road trip. We think we've decided our route. (Paris - Brussels- Amsterdam - Black Forrest - Zurich - Innsbruck - Vienna - Venice - Rome and then just taking it as it comes through france) Going to be awesome. Decided to go to Ireland for St Paddy's. Hopefully Rach and Kris will want come too. Savings is all going to plan. We're a little bit ahead actually so that's good. Might mean more hotels... less hostels. *shudder* Or more shopping in Paris. That'd be nice.

Jul. 31st, 2007

yellow care bear

101 in 1001

101 in 1001

Start date - July 1st 2007

1. Make it a year to remember
2. Relax and have fun
3. Try and be more patient
4. Get engaged
5. Get married
6. Keep my blog up to date while away
7. Get an international drivers license

8. Be debt free before leaving
9. Pay off credit card
10. Pay off card no2
11. Save 1000 dollars
12. Save 2500 dollars
13. Save 5000 dollars
14. Save 8000 dollars

15. Lose 5 kilos
16. Lose 10 kilos
17. Lose 20 kilos
18. Lose 30 kilos
19. Buy a bathing suit
20. Wear it in public
21. Reward myself with a Wayne Cooper dress at goal

22. Buy something Chanel in Paris
23. Buy something Louis Vuitton in Paris
24. Shop on Robertson Blvd
25. Shopping spree in Vegas
26. A pair of diamond earrings
27. Buy something from Harrods

Cities to see
28. Budapest
29. Prague
30. Vienna
31. Munich
32. Each country of the United Kingdom
33. Zurich
34. Salzburg
35. Moscow
36. Bratislavia
37. St Tropez
38. The Black Forrest
39. Asissi
40. Pompeii
41. Barcelona
42. Madrid
43. Innsbruck
44. Stratford upon Avon

Places to see
45. The leaning tower of Pisa
46. Abbey road
47. Piccadilly circus
48. Portobello rd markets
49. The Globe Theatre
50. Big Ben
51. Auschwitz
52. Notre Dame
53. The Colosseum
54. The Pantheon
55. The Catacombs
56. The forum
57. The Sistine Chapel
58. Hot springs
59. The Louvre
60. Stonehenge
61. Juliets Balcony

Things to do
62. See the spice girls
63. Dance the night away at Garlands
64. Go to as many festivals as possible
65. See as many bands as possible
66. Buy a pin from as many Hard Rock Cafes as possible
67. Stay in a hard rock hotel
68. Stay at a leading hotel of the world
69. Stay at the Ritz Paris
70. Stay somewhere with a view of times square
71. Go to Tokyo disney
72. Go to Euro disney
73. Go to Disneyworld
74. Catch the bullet train
75. See the pyramids
76. Swim in the red sea
77. Experience the sun festival at Abu Simbel
78. Cruise the Nile
79. Road trip Europe
80. Climb the Eiffel tower
81. Go to a show at the Moulin Rouge
82. Visit a cafe in Amsterdam
83. Catch the ferry to Ireland
84. See the Alice in Wonderland statues
85. Make a wish at Trevi Fountain
86. Climb the Spanish Steps
87. Take a gondola ride in Venice
88. Try skiing
89. Island hop in Greece
90. Drink real absinthe
91. Eat real Italian pizza in Italy
92. Eat Belgium chocolates in Belgium
93. Eat swiss chocolates in Switzerland
94. Visit the Christmas markets in Vienna
95. Have a white Christmas
96. Go to oktoberfest
97. See a west end production
98. Go to glastonbury
99. Lie on the beach at a Jamaican resort
100. Order a drink from a swim up bar
101. Hang around Sunset and people watch

Jul. 20th, 2007

sweetheart cupcake

(no subject)

It was our 2 year anniversary last Monday. We went out to dinner at a very lovely restaurant. I got a little drunk on champagne... Wish I could remember the name because it was really nice. I got red roses delivered at work and throughly spoiled with presents. I am one lucky girl... to be so spoilted and so happy, in love.

We're having some trouble finding an Egypt tour we like and is possible to take. We've liked a few but there's always a reason we can't do it. They're not offering that tour next year, or it only runs may to oct or something else. I think we've finally settled on one so we'll see what happens. Did a rough budget last night and it seems we should have enough money to do everything we've talked about. Even spending a night at the Ritz in Paris. We're already a little ahead in our saving so that's extremely good. Flights are pretty much paid for now.  I think we'll go looking at luggage this weekend.

Jul. 1st, 2007

central park

(no subject)

We booked our flights yesterday. We leave on the 15th of February. First to Tokyo for 4 days, then to Cairo and then London. I am so freaking excited! This is going to be amazing.

May. 4th, 2007

lorelai maze

(no subject)

It's almost 10 on a friday night. I'm sitting on my balcony, in the dark listening to some tunes.  Couldn't be happier this week is over because it has just been sucktastic!

Went and saw my grandad in hospital the other day for the first time in awhile and that was just depressing. It's so not fair. 

Dan's at a mates which is a good thing because we had a huge fight last night and i am not entirely over it. I'm surprised no one complained because I'm sure all the neighbours heard us screaming at each other. Just another of those times where he tells me everything that's wrong with me. So i just feel like shit today. Not to mention the 2  people I usually talk to about these things are far away and Lee is good but it's not the same.

May. 1st, 2007

central park

(no subject)

So after I two months of being sick I finally went to the doctors and it was the perfect example of why I don't like going. He didn't even listen to my chest or anything. So I guess it's just more cough medicine and hoping it goes away.

We got foxtel on the weekend so I am overdosing on reality tv. Watching The Girls Of The Playboy mansion right now and oh my god these girls are annoying and why do the all laugh so crazy?

Life's just kinda cruising along though. Nothing exciting.
central park

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